12th Fail Movie Review, Budget, Cast & Storyline : Vikrant Massey’s Spellbound Performance

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12th Fail Movie Review, Budget, Cast & Storyline

12th Fail Movie Review

What was this ? . I’m really spellbound after watching this movie. After hearing so many great positive reviews about the movie I was sure that it will be a good movie no doubt but I never imagined that it would be that that that that that good . I mean really mark my words people will give example of this movie in the future and it will remain a milestone in bollywood industry and Vidhu Vinod Chopra would be considered among the greatest directors in the bollywood film industry.
Although one who could make a movie like ‘Parinda’ which could not be forgotten even if it is has been 50 years since you watched that movie. Especially that haunting climax, this is what you can expect from such a director.

12th Fail Movie Cast

  • Vikrant Massey
  • Medha Shankar
  • Anshuman Pushkar
  • Priyanshu Chatterjee
  • Joshi Anantvijay
  • Harish Khanna
  • Perry Chhabra

Everyone knows what the story is all about. Still if anyone don’t know let me tell you it’s based on the real life story of IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma . And the way Vidhu Vinod Chopra told the story and presented it is extraordinary. I’m glad he didn’t sugar coated reality trying to incorporate a little bit fiction. No no sir everything, every situations, scenes, incidents were shown in a realistic and grounded way .

Really to be very honest when Vikrant Massey aka Manoj Kumar Sharma was wearing the uniform of police I felt “Finally” and “woah!, that was some journey. A long journey he had to go through to achieve that uniform.

Now coming to what I liked in the movie. I would say everything. First let’s come to the presentation. As I said earlier the way Vidhu Vinod Chopra presented the story on screen is just extraordinary and absolutely to the point and realistic without any unnecessary elements.

12th Fail Movie Budget

20 Cr.

The acting performance by everyone was again just extraordinary . Especially Vikrant Massey has done such a splendid job which will make you speechless . Hope Vikrant Massey gets more and more recognition and sign more and more films . Would love to see him in more movies . Such a gem of an actor. Medha Shankar as Shraddha Kumar Joshi , have never seen her in any movies before. This was the first ever work that I witnessed and she too gave a very powerful and impactful performance. Anant V Joshi as Pritam Pandey was phenomenal. Priyanshu Chatterjee in a kinda extended cameo gave an impactful performance. Other than that every other actors including supporting ones did a great job .

12th Fail Movie Story

The screenplay of the movie seemed a little slow to me in the very beginning but gradually within a span of 10 min of the begining the screenplay picks up pace and becomes gripping till the last portion of the movie. You would not be able to put your eyes off from screen, not in a single moment.

The cinematography of the movie was great, capturing each and every frames beautifully without adding any larger than life feeling, instead grounded and realistic .

The background music used in the movie was great. They heightened the situations in the movie .

One thing which I would also like to mention is after a long time watched such a raw chemistry happening on screen. The way Vidhu Vinod Chopra showed the chemistry between Vikrant Massey and Medha Shankar was raw , sparkling, beautiful and captivating. Anyone would yearn for that type of chemistry and love and affection . A love which feels innocent too .

Overall 12th Fail is a gem and plz plz do not miss this watching in theatres . Plz do not wait for OTT release. You won’t get the same feeling in OTT . You will regret not watching it in theatres. Plz watch the movie and support it . We need more number of movies like these.

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