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Hey , People  r u searching Best photos of Kolkata on Google ? Don’t worry in this article you will get the complete information about Kolkata’s best places & photos . You will also find Kolkata’s Kolkata city images , Kolkata city images download , Kolkata images full , best photos of kolkata, Kolkata all pic , welcome to Kolkata images . 

In this article we will post Kolkata’s Best photos 

Like , Vidyasagar Setu , Dakshineswar Mandir , Victoria Memorial , Prinsep Ghat , Skywalk , Biswa Bangla Gate , Durga Puja , Annapurna Mandir etc ….
So, let’s start  ..

14 Amazing Photos of Kolkata 

Vidyasagar Setu

The sunsets are proof that endings can also be beautiful ♥️

Vidyasagar Setu or second Hooghly Bridge is the second bridge over the Ganges which connects Kolkata with Howrah .
When you come to Kolkata , don’t forget to spend an evening by the Ganga . It is a bound to leave an everlasting memory .

IMG 20200119 140509

Victoria Memorial

The Heartbeat of Kolkata , Victoria is a place where every Bengali goes at least once during the winter season . 

The Victoria Memorial is a large marble building in Kolkata , West Bengal , India which was built between 1906 – 1921 . It is dedicated to the memory of Queen Victoria ( 1819-1901) and is now a museum and pride of Kolkata , the capital city of West Bengal .

Victoria Memorial , taking us to the old era of British empire , Victoria Memorial stands tall in the heart of the city , shining like a bright diamond in the sky ! It’s a sin if you are in the city of Joy , Kolkata and you don’t visit Victoria Memorial . Evidence the Indian aesthetics in this majestic structure .
This is now a museum and tourist destination under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture . The Victoria Memorial lies on the Maidan ( grounds) by the bank of the Hooghly river , near jawaharlal Nehru road ( better known as chowringhee road ) . Every year millions of people come to visit this museum .

IMG 20200119 140530

IMG 20200119 140655

Howrah Bridge

IMG 20200119 140544


The latest addition to this city of Joy , Kolkata

IMG 20200119 140558

Biswa Bangla Gate 

Kolkata’s first Hanging restaurant , the Biswa Bangla Gate also Kwon as the Kolkata Gate , at 55 metres height , started in March 2017 , this project was completed over a period of 20 months & a massive budget of 25 cores in Indian rupees .

IMG 20200119 140610

Durga Puja Photography

It is a momentous event for Bengali’s and is therefore celebrated with great enthusiasm and gusto across the world , particularly in West Bengal in the capital city Kolkata.

IMG 20200119 140620

The pride of Murshidabad , the heritage of West Bengal .

IMG 20200119 140632

The Bridge was originally named The New Howrah Bridge , because it replaced a pontoon bridge at the same location linking the two cities of Howrah and Kolkata (Calcutta) . On 14th June 1965 it was renamed Ravindra Setu after the great Bengali poet Ravindra Nath Tagore who was first Indian and Asian Noble laureate .

IMG 20200119 140643

Christ The Redeemer 

Eco park is the new seven wonders destination for every citizen of The City of Joy , Kolkata ! one can fulfill his desire to see the seven wonders by paying a 10000x lesser than visiting them all in reality ! 

IMG 20200119 140705

Annapurna Mandir 

Annapurna Mandir, Barrackpore has the same architecture as that of Dakshineswar Mandir . This Mandir ( Temple ) was established by Rani Rashmoni’s Daughter somewhere between 19-20th 

IMG 20200119 140714

With this beauty added to the beautification of Kolkata , the city of Joy never fails to impress it’s dwellers ! 

IMG 20200119 140725

Dakshineswar Mandir ( Temple )

The Dakshineswar Mandir ( Temple ) ! The pride and one of the most beautiful Mandir ( Temple ) of India , the architecture says it all .

IMG 20200119 144819

Prinsep Ghat 

Kolkata and it’s ghat’s have a different kind of bonding . Happy ? Let’s go to the ghat . Sad ? Let’s go to the ghat . These ghats are interwined with emotions . Ghat – e – Bose – adds is constant and has been so through years . Prinsep Ghat is one such happy – sad place where the surrounding makes you feel so comfortable . ♥️ So , tell us on comment below have you taken a boat ride at prinsep Ghat ?? 

IMG 20200119 144843

It’s always in every Bengali’s blood , be it Calcutta .

IMG 20200119 140521

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